The Man Who Adorned the Republic with Posters:  İhap Hulusi Görey...

The advent of the art of the poster in Turkey coincides with the first years of the Republic. The pioneer of the art of the poster in Turkey is without a doubt, İhap Hulusi Görey. Despite the technological limitations of his time, İhap Hulusi has executed products that were striking for their exceedingly creative and austere expression. İhap Hulusi said, “In my fifty years of living, I’ve naturally experienced many hardships. But I am glad and happy to be the first artist to have introduced the color poster to Turkey despite these hardships.”



That great master is the first colorful representative of the most popular sector we call the world of communication, the sector which made its mark on the 21st century. He is also an artist and psychologist, and a teacher who speaks to people who have been exhausted by daily life, enabling the masses to feel the artistic gusto in the deepest sense.




Works that represent the Master...



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