– ihap hulusi görey –





A.k.a. the Masterpiece...


As we remember the pioneer of the Turkish art of the poster and graphics İhap Hulusi Görey with respect on the 115th year of his birth, we wished through this short documentary we prepared to take a look at the works on which he placed that legendary signature.


İhap Hulusi is so foreign to and so far removed from new generations that even the elders may not remember him.

Today the Kulüp Rakısı label and the logo of Mehmet Efendi, the ground coffee sellers’ are the last signatures of his that remain.


İhap Hulusi was a man of art who deserved a tip of the hat not only for the things he imagined and designed, but also for his life story that was full of ups and downs.


Just think, that he had his signature in all posters and graphic works of this young republic during the 1925’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50s. He was therefore “The Man Who Adorned the Republic with Posters”...


Illustrating the previous history and aftermath of the Republic for 60 years... Voicing Turkey and Turkish economy was so valuable.


İhap Hulusi was a veritable mass communicator who conveyed the ideology of the republic to the people.


Everything he drew and wrote were happy, genial works that inspired thought and smiles.





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